About Us

Premier Products (Notts) Ltd is a leading car accessory manufacturer with a factory based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Experts in providing Car Mats, Van Mats, Seat Covers and Boot Liners to help motorists across the UK protect their car interior. 

We pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality products by a skilled production team and excellent customer service. 

Premier Products comprises of the below websites. 


Premier Products first opened its doors on 15th April 2009 in a small warehouse with a cutting machine, sewing machine and 3 members of staff. Car Mats were manufactured and sent out direct to EBay customers. 

Over the following years, Premier Products started listing Car Mats on Amazon and then created a small website. 

As sales increased the business developed a range of semi tailored seat covers in 2014, which in turn increased the volume of orders and more staff were employed. 

A brand new website was launched in July 2014 to sell a range of products directly to the customer. Fully Tailored Quilted Boot Liners were added to the catalogue later that year, each boot requiring a unique tailor-made pattern. 

In March 2015 Premier Products purchased carmats-uk.com which was a website created by a web development company. Together with their expertise and our knowledge we focused on ensuring this site was the bestselling car mat website. 

In 2016 carmats-uk.com outperformed our expectations and with this in mind we decided to rebrand and introduce three other websites, each focusing on a product that we manufacture, Seat Covers, Van Mats and Boot Liners. 

Premier Products now employee 20 members of staff and are focusing on growing our overseas sales.

In order to minimise carpet and material waste we use a digital programme which organisers each car mat on the cutting table and makes use of as much carpet as possible. Despite this there is always going to be a small amount of carpet that we cannot use. 

All waste material gets bailed and we send them to a company in Europe who turns the carpet into energy. 

Cardboard, paper and plastic are all recycled locally.